Yesterday in eats

My first recap the next morning!  Unfortunately, this is not that exciting of a post.  I got to work yesterday morning and my camera was dead.  Good thing I bought a second battery.  Too bad my camera case is too small to hold such battery(I have two cases, one to take to work/restaurants and one when I’m going to photograph intentionally.  To make matters worse my phone wasn’t up to the task of replacing my camera since it was so broken and my new Droid wasn’t in yet.

I know wah wah wah, I have no pictures.  My breakfast was the same as Wednesday.

We went to lunch at a local irish pub, and I looked at so many tasty options and ended up with an appetizer sized mussel dish.  Before you think I was virtuous, I should admit that the dish was made with bacon, beer and cream.  It was super tasty. And not too much food.  Of course, I forgot that I was heading straight into a meeting.  I totally smelled like mussels during that entire meeting!  Oops.

Now I have some pictures!  Dan made Lamb with minted spaghetti squash
We don’t often have lamb, but it was a really tasty break from the meats we usually have!
What is your favorite of the not totally common meats?