A Whole Bird

Does anyone else get obsessed with a new toy when they get it?  I spent all day wanting to play with my camera and work on learning how to use it.  Alas, I could not because of a busy day at work.  But now I can!  I learned one sad fact.  My Eye-fi card doesn’t support RAW!  One of the reasons I wanted a dSLR was because I wanted to start shooting in RAW.  I didn’t even think about that research when I bought the eye-fi.  Oh well.  I guess I’ll have to upload(whatever I shoot in RAW) the old fashioned way!

Since I still haven’t gotten the Nikon uploaded to the computer, the pictures I’ll show you today will be jpeg.  I started the morning with a Mix 1 DSC_0038 
and some All bran bran buds and Just Pineapple.  Both of these things were inhaled because I had a 8 am meeting.  I forgot to bring my coffee to the meeting and that was a disaster! I couldn’t stop yawning!  It was a super interesting meeting though.  More healthy living/weight loss initiatives, I really love it when my personal interests intersect my work duties!
After I got back from my meeting, my coworkers had fun playing with my camera. (those are my coworker Jim’s eyes.
I was starting to get hungry at 11 so I had my orange.  Unfortunately it didn’t satisfy me.
I will admit that lunch was meh.  I tried to trade my brussels sprouts for potato chips and no one took me up on my offer!
I also had leftover chicken pieces with lime.  Not a fan of leftover dark meat.  The worst part of this, is that Dan IS a fan of leftover dark meat….I feel bad taking the last piece from him.
I was still hungry and knew my piece of chocolate wouldn’t hold me, so I had some leftover airplane peanuts.
And once again, dinner isn’t ready yet…So here is a work in progress picture.  I’ll post another picture when I post the recipe.

DSC_0057 Dan is feeling empowered by his recent Turkey Success and so now he’s trying out a whole chicken!  Wish us luck, The thermometer is acting strange!

Do you cook a whole bird?  If so, put a link to the recipe in your comments! We’d love to see them!