Travel day

Yesterday was a super busy travel day!  I didn’t sleep much Tuesday night because I was getting anxious about the snow that I kept seeing falling!  Thank goodness my car started and while the trip was a little treacherous, I made it to the airport in a good amount of time. 

Instead of parking in the lot, I am getting my car worked on at DIA Auto, they dropped me off at the airport and will pick us back up when we return.  They also are waiving their $8/day parking fee because we’re getting work done. Win!  I’ll report back on the service when we come back, but so far I’d have to recommend Denverites to look into this option.

I didn’t take pictures of breakfast, I grabbed a bagel and an eggnog latte at the airport.  I didn’t want to unpack my camera from my carry on and I forgot about my Droid’s camera.  Oops.  I remembered it in time to take a not so in focus shot of the runway.  It was still a steady snow and please note that it is completely white.  The white is all snow.  For some reason Denver doesn’t find it necessary to actually clean the runways.  I have no idea why.
2009-12-23 07.13.09
Despite the lack of plowing, I made it to Baltimore without any trouble.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen D.C. with this much snow!  It’s pretty incredible.  Dan hit some major traffic on his way to pick me up and was just dying of hunger by the time he got me.  I do NOT miss driving on I-95 North during the holidays.  We made a stop by the Panera where we had our second date.

I had my usual, Broccoli cheddar soup with whole wheat bread.
2009-12-23 15.03.07
We also split this gingerbread man.  I have to admit that I think the gingerbread Tom gave me on Tuesday spoiled me.  I thought this gingerbread cookie was weak.
2009-12-23 15.03.12
We made it back safely to Dan’s parents house and slowly but surely all of his brothers made it back home.  Dan has three younger brothers and so now there are seven of us.  It kind of reminded my of when my sisters and step-sisters all would get together for Thanksgiving.  Except of course, all boys, which I have to admit is a big difference.

All seven of us went to a sushi restaurant in downtown Rockville for dinner.  We all shared edamame beans for appetizers.  I can’t believe that Dan had never had them before.  I used to eat them all the time, but I guess I never gave him any?
2009-12-23 18.29.14
I also snacked on Dan’s salad.  It was pretty tasty, I couldn’t figure out what the salad dressing was.
2009-12-23 18.40.11
For dinner I got the tempura sushi roll.  They gave me a ton of wasabi and I was so busy getting the soy sauce made that I forgot to take a picture.  It was delicious, but unfortunately the roll fell apart. But that just gave me pieces to eat instead of stuffing a huge roll into my mouth I dissected it.

For dessert we split some stuff at the restaurant and came home and had some cookie’s that Dan’s little brothers girlfriend sent over.No pictures of those either…Sorry about the bad pictures, I have a feeling that the droid camera would be better if I tried. 

Merry Christmas eve!