Travel Day

Hello from the great state of Indiana.  I’m here for the third time this year, and I have one more trip on the docket.  Even though this is my third trip to Indiana, it is my first trip ever to Indianapolis.  I know most people associate Indy to car racing, but I must admit that I think of it more as a really good pool.  I think I watched Nationals or Olympic Trials on TV that were hosted at Indiana University, but I’m not sure.  Isn’t it weird what we associate with different places?

The day started out with some major snow which meant delays.  Unfortunately we boarded the plane on time and proceeded to sit at the gate for like an hour.  A few things went through my mind.  First of all, the person in front of me fully reclined his seat, immediately.  I have long legs.  This is no good.  I turned on my computer when we got the chance to and couldn’t use it at all since there wasn’t enough space between me and the seat in front of me.  I’m definitely in the camp of airplane seats shouldn’t be able to recline.  A nice stewardess saw my distress and moved me to a seat behind someone that wasn’t reclined.  Of course, a few minutes after I sat down I was trying to figure out why I was so comfortable.  My seat was reclined.  Oops.  I un-reclined my seat out of principle.

The second thing that freaked me out is that this is the first time I’m flying since I stopped the Coumadin.  I know my DVT is gone, but I am so worried about it coming back.  I got in trouble for standing up as soon as the flight took off, but we had sat at the gate for so long that I didn’t want to wait any longer than I had to! 

As far as food goes, it is a weird day.  I had a big breakfast before I left, but it only included cheerios, 2% milk and a banana.DSC_0086
Lunch was really weird because our flight was scheduled to depart at 10am, but we didn’t leave for at least an hour and then we lost two hours in the air and so we arrived in Indy at like 3 and had dinner scheduled for 6.  See what I mean about weird food day?  I did bring some snacks with me on the flight because of this issue.

I started with a 110 calorie pria bar.  Not great, but not too bad. P1030115
I followed this up with a granola bar from our swag bag from the turkey trot
I finished this super healthy meal with some m&ms!
As far as the issue about bringing my camera or not bringing my camera.  I decided that because it was such a short trip, I’d bring my tiny panasonic camera and leave the nikon at home.  So far, it’s been a good decision.  We checked into the hotel a few minutes ago, and it’s nice, but my policy is that the nicer the hotel the less you get.  I’m all about the value. 
The room is nice but the bathroom looks awesome.  It has a flat screen in it!
And outside my window was a Weber Grill.  I took this picture for my dad.  He loves his grill!
now I’m off to dinner!

What are your biggest pet peeves when it comes to flying and traveling in general?