tips and hints

Hi Friends!  I’m in an all day class today and going straight to some friends houses for some parties.  Busy busy!  This is a super duper quick post  and so I’ll post a quick cooking tip for today and will add in some Photoshop tip tomorrow.
food 766
When the pan is ready to sauté
It is good to preheat your sauté pans and to only add the olive oil when you are ready to stay in the kitchen and keep watch.  With most things it’s appropriate to use enough EVOO to cover the bottom of the pan.  However, with super absorbent foods add a little extra.  So, heat the pan and add the olive oil, you will know the olive oil is ready for food when you see faint wisps of ghostly smoke emerging from your pan.  Then add your vegetables(or meat)!
food 774
Hope you enjoyed this tip :)  Just for fun, today’s second picture was photoshoped and the first wasn’t.  I hope I get a lot better after today!

what’s your favorite Photoshop or cooking tip?