Things are going to be changing around here!  I’ve been realizing that posting my daily foods at night is too tough because of a short time frame.  To rectify this I’m going to switch my posts around.  My daily updates will go up in the morning and recipes at night. 


Cooking Tip:
When you make a mayonnaise always use regular olive oil, not extra virgin olive oil (EVOO).  In fact, Chef Dan says not to use extra virgin olive oil unless you are making a vinaigrette.
Photoshop Tip: 
Create a system.  I have started a system in my organizer that goes through all the pictures and labels them by food groups that I designate.  (Carbs, breakfasts, sides, desserts, protein, products).  I use starts to indicate pictures that I want to use in the post or submit to tastespotting or whatnot.
How do you organize your images?