So much to be done

Dan and I had such a productive day yesterday!  We packed for our trip, fixed two meals, did a lot of blog maintenance and recipe maintenance.  It feels good to be organized!  I’ve been having a lot of fun with my new Droid phone.  Whenever I get a message it says “Droid” in a really menacing voice.  It’s so cute.  It’s also super functional and kept me entertained while we waiting for a long time in the eye doctors office.  (I needed to pick up my contacts and Dan needed his eyes checked).


We swung by Panera before the eye doctor and had a tasty breakfast.  Once again I got the power sandwich.  I was really glad I did because my sandwich was between 300-400 calories, but Dan’s was over 500!  Man they pack the calories in!


Dan made sausage and polenta with mixed vegetables for lunch and we had a lot of fun trying to do videos of the chopping technique.  However, what really came across was me being all concerned that he was going to chop his fingers off…Probably not the best take.  I think we’ll try the videos again.  The sausage and polenta was really tasty though…mmm


After lunch I had a few Clementine's.010_edited-1

and some more rolos jumped into my mouth.


For dinner Dan made a variation of the Apple Walnut Ravioli.  This time it was made with pear and without the parsley.  Boy was it tasty!



For dessert I had a few more rolos and a cupcake.  yum.036_edited-1

I feel like long trips like this are tough since there is so much preparation to do!  I want to make sure I don’t forget anything!


What are your holiday plans?  Are you staying local or traveling all over?