Snack all day diet

Oh boy today was a seriously busy day!  It started slowly but I got a lot done in a short amount of time this afternoon.  I needed to get some camera supplies and I got them and they were on sale!  Then I got word that my glasses were in.  I spent all day in my old glasses which are two prescriptions ago.  BOY these are strong.  Yikes!  I gotta get used to them.  I’ll post a picture after Dan gets home, no self portraits with my new camera :)  I also had to return Dan’s pants (Christmas gift) since they were too big.  Yeah, I’m jealous too. (p.s. keep reading for my first cooking tip from Wednesday night!)

My food today was a bit odd.  Not much of it photographed.  Breakfast was honey bunches of oats with some all bran bran buds.
Lunch and beyond has been grazing.  I had some clementines for lunch.  These little cuties are delicious and a great snack!
Lunch was continued with some brie cheese and crackers.
A few rolos have jumped into my mouth without being photographed.   I also finally gave in and got some guacamole and tortilla chips.  I did healthy-fy this not quite so healthy snack.  I picked lower calorie smaller container of guac.  I also found a tiny bag of eat smart tortilla chips that only had three servings and were lower calorie.  I have to say that the chips were just meh and so I stopped after a serving!
This picture is taken with my new Quantaray Close-up filter!  I went to Wolf Camera where they had a sale going on for filters.  I got three, a regular one, a close up one and a cross screen one.

I got a request for some cooking tips that we picked up, so I’ll start posting them in my nightly post.  The first one is the most basic. 

Measuring and sifting flour
A dry measure (measuring cups) is for dry ingredients and a wet measure is for wet ingredients.  When measuring flour if it asks to be sifted instead of sifting put a whisk into the container and quickly stir it around.  Then take a scoop full and pour into the measuring cup.  Don’t push it down!