The Seasoned Chef

On Wednesday night Dan and I attended The Seasoned Chef  Basics Every Cook should know class.  The Chef was great and went over the basics we need to know and then broke us into team.  (He separated me and Dan!)  Dan worked on the beef and ragout and my team worked on the filling and topping of the dessert as well as the salad.  We learned some basics and got to use them as well as watch the chef demonstrate. 


Some things were basics I’ve known, but a lot was new, especially the knife skills.  One day Dan and I will be speedy choppers AND have all ten fingers!  The menu included:


Field Greens with Champagne Vinaigrette (I helped with this!)



Rice Pilaf



Triangle Tip Roast with roasted mushroom and shallot ragout. (Dan helped with this one!)


We all helped cook the salmon and learned really important things about how to best cook it(dry it completely before sautéing-by using flour).   The salmon was paired with dill aioli.  Yum.


On the side we had broccoli with shallots and mustard seed. 


The dessert was a rustic apple crostata with caramel sauce.  (I helped with the apples and the topping)


We left the night pretty full but totally satisfied, our homework is to try these recipes at home.  Will we have time?  I hope so!


In honor of cooking class, please share what your favorite kitchen skill is!