Practically Stealing

Dan and I spent the entire weekend preparing for our week and a half at home.  We are both avid readers and often end up picking up books at the airport to help pass the time in the plane.  This time we planned ahead and actually went to the library. 

We’ve been members since moving here but haven’t really gone.  The Capitol Hill branch of the library is huge!  I really felt like we stole books from a bookstore!  I got three new releases that I want to read but don’t want to spend the money on a hardcover.  Sweet!  We need to make this more of a habit since we don’t need to spend the money or use up our valuable space on books we won’t read again.

Dan left today to go back east, thank goodness his flights have seemed to gone on time.  I’m leaving Wednesday morning and it’s supposed to snow! Crap!  Fingers Crossed!

Breakfast was my usual All bran bran buds, Just Pineapple and Honey Bunches of Oats.
For snack I had an orange.
Lunch was leftover sausage dishes combined (so much sausage…)
Afternoon snack was a grapefruit
carrots and celery (can you tell we’re cleaning out the fridge)
And a piece of Lindt Dark chocolate.(much less addictive than rolos-I wonder if it is the milk chocolate? or the caramel?)
Dinner was some more sausage.  I know it will be awhile before I have these dishes again, but they are definitely satisfying me!
Photoshop Tip: When using the clone tool, you want to use a brush that’s about 35-40% fuzzy(you can see this in the selection section.  Make sure not to rely on just one original selection too.  Select pieces from all around the area you want to erase. 

Does anyone else find dark chocolate less addictive than milk chocolate?