Our Anniversary in Food

I can’t believe we’ve been married for a year!  It seems so long ago and at the same time, just like yesterday.  Getting married over the holidays means that you will be celebrating your anniversary with family.  My mom definitely made sure that we had a good time. 

The day started with pancakes.  My mom made whole wheat chocolate chip banana pancakes.
I had another cup of the starbucks via instant coffee.  This stuff has been great throughout our trip.  Delicious and strong enough to hold off any headache.
We had another fancy dinner that night.
Mom made veal chops with mushroom sauce and lemony green beans for dinner.  I’ve never had the veal chops before, but they were so tasty! 
Mom made my favorite cake for dessert. 
Yellow cake with vanilla frosting.  I’ll definitely share the recipe when we get home.
So delicious.
Overall it was a fun anniversary celebration!  I also realized that we had twice the anniversary celebrations since we did one on our own and then again with my family.  Yum.

Which cake is your favorite?  Dan preferred the chocolate cheesecake, but I love vanilla icing on white cake. mmmm