Not what I planned

My tummy troubles continued through today.  Nothing really went as I planned.  I don’t know what I did to upset my tummy so much! Booo.

I came to work with enough food for the day but it just didn’t work out.  Breakfast was as planned.  I had my Mix 1
Some All bran bran buds and Just Pineapple
I ate some grapes mid morning
Around lunchtime I got (easily) convinced to skip my packed lunch and go to Panera.  I’ve been craving broccoli and cheddar soup so I was excited to have an opportunity to satisfy the craving.  Unfortunately when the soup came it was super soupy!  It was like broccoli cheddar water.  Booo.  We got our money back, but I was so hungry afterwards! 

This is when I Should have eaten the yummy lunch I had packed.  What did I do instead?  Buy baked Cheetos.  FAIL.  I did have an apple.  So, that’s something?
I did come home to a cooked dinner.  Unfail! I Finally ate part of that lunch I brought too. 
Dan made some steak
That was paired with mozzarella cheese and chives.  There was also fennel(not pictured-it’s hiding under the fork)
Well, now it is Friday night and I’m so excited to relax.  I have to cram an entire weekend into a day and a half since I have to work on Sunday.

But, I have to ask. I will be at a conference Sunday and Monday.  This includes three meals and is a lot of much much more senior people than me.  Do I whip out the camera and take pictures of my food?  Or do I resist?  I’m leaning toward resisting, although with my focus on healthy living for work, I think it might be an interesting conversation starter.  What do you do at work?