Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone is having a nice day!  We are visiting with both Dan’s and my family today(weather permitting).  009_edited-1 I thought I’d share my ornaments with you all today! 


A few years ago my friend Jessie suggested that our group of friends exchange ornaments for Christmas. 


The thought behind this is that when we’re all just starting out in life, we don’t have any ornaments of our own.  


So it’s nice to start the tradition and have meaningful ornaments to add to the tree every year. 


It’s really fun to get the ornaments out every year and remember who gave us what and why. 


I extended the tradition to Dan and have given him an ornament for every year we’ve been together. 


This year I was struggling trying to figure out what to get Dan until I happened upon this awesome ornament at Crate and Barrel.


So what’s more perfect than some utensils!  The parrot is from our trip to Honduras in 2006, our resort had a pet parrot that kept us entertained while we sat in the lobby trying to figure out Dan’s medical care.  We were on the bay islands off the coast of Honduras for his first professional race and he crashed pretty badly!  It all turned out OK and the parrot was a good memory.


I gave Dan the Panda (Tai Shan) for our first year of dating since we bonded over the panda cam from the Washington Zoo, was anyone else as obsessed with tai shan as my sisters and I were?


I don’t think I need to explain the ornament from last year… 017_edited-1

Oops!  I seem to have issues taking off price tags from my ornaments.


Merry Christmas!