making sausage dishes

The weekend went by so fast!  Every time I thought that I was done Christmas shopping, another idea, or needed recipient popped into mind. 

My college roommates and I exchange ornaments every year and since 2009 had been a momentous year for all of us (Dan and my first year married, Rachel got engaged to Mateo and is getting married Jan 2, Melissa and Roger got engaged and Married, and Jessie and Kit (and owen) added Adelaide to their family).   I wanted to find something special and I didn’t see something halfway appropriate until today.  Yay.  Oh and guys if you are reading this, I’m going to bring the ornaments to Goshen :)

Today started with yet another trip to Panera, our friends Brad and Tina were in Denver and so we met them for breakfast.  Since I had the power sandwich yesterday, I had the everything bagel with low fat cream cheese.
This hit the spot and totally fueled my run!  After the run I wasn’t very hungry so I waited a minute and then had some leftover sausage and polenta from lunch yesterday.
I also had some clementines but their picture didn’t turn out.  I also finished up the not even half of a whole serving of peppermint ice cream that has been sitting in our freezer.
A little later I got peckish and snacked on a few rolos.  This aren’t allowed in our house anymore.  Dan doesn’t really like them and I like them a little too much!
Dan made the sausage and bean casserole for dinner(this was a LOT of casserole for one weekend! yikes).  I was still hungry so I ate an entire serving and was really satisfied.
We have just finished cleaning the apartment and making sure that Dan is ready to fly to Baltimore tomorrow.  We’re wondering if he is going to get bumped or not.  Flights are definitely not on regular schedules back east!  I just heard that they have the day off tomorrow.  Man! We get that amount of snow, and don’t even get to go home early!

Cooking Tip:  To easily get the skin of the garlic push down on the clove with your palm until you hear the crack and the skin will fall right off!