its cold outside

It was 7 degrees outside on my trip into work (no, I did not walk, Dan drove me both ways and I don’t regret that decision!)  I’m ok with freezing weather, I’m ok with even sub freezing weather.  I am not ok with seven degrees.  I am thankful for layers.

I am also thankful for my routines.  I was back to my normal breakfast today.  All bran bran buds and Just Pineapple.
delicious grapes.
And, of course, a Mix 1.
Lunch was the end of the roast chicken from last week.
and more mashed potatoes.  This reminds me of shepherds pie.
I got home early today so that Dan could drive me home.  He had dinner in the oven already, so I couldn’t resist a photo shoot of the entire dish.
You are looking at sausage, beans, carrots and spinach.
This is my portion.
So tasty and filling.  This is definite comfort food. 
Real Simple says that the entire dish feeds four and each serving is over 500 calories.  I can attest to the fact that I’m pretty full from less than a quarter of the dinner.  yum!

I’m surprised how even recipe portion sizes are inflated.