Holiday Party Survival

Happy Sunday Morning!  I woke up still sleepy even after a long and well-deserved sleep last night.  The entire day yesterday was fabulous.  I’m just left with some things to think through.  The major piece is my eye-fi.  It isn’t compatible with RAW images.  My class yesterday was so interesting and my teacher convinced me that RAW is the way to go when shooting because it doesn’t compress any of the pixels like jpegs do.  So, what to do!  He also caught a glimpse of my photos and is convinced that I should upgrade to full Photoshop.  No one tells you how expensive this whole camera thing is AFTER the purchase of the camera.

My eating was pretty good yesterday.  I had a kinda heavy breakfast(2 servings of honey bunches of oats and all bran bran buds)
food 025
which held me until a pretty late lunch at Panera with my classmates.
food 027

food 028
Class didn’t get out until 5, and we had not one but two holiday parties to go to last night.  I came home, changed, and walked right out the door.  Dan made me a turkey burger and I had a few Clementine cuties in my bag. (not pictured) 

I found that it was easy to survive the holiday party food if I didn’t get too close to the tables with the food or at least face them.  Party #1 was a glass wine, a brownie, and two (homemade!) caramels.  Party #2 was a glass of sangria type drink, a beer, 4 or 5 tortilla chips, and 4 or 5 pieces of chex mix.  Those were our only holiday parties and I totally aced both (eating wise, I failed food photography wise).  

I did get to meet another girl who went to my college.  This is unique because I went to a VERY small (1500 student) school in Mass. It’s not every day you accidentally meet someone from there!

Photoshop tip of the day:
This one is easy, if you can, shoot in RAW, you will have so much more control over the picture!

Cooking tip of the day:
Risotto is the anti-rice.  Rice should not be stirred but risotto needs to be constantly stirred!