holiday oats

After all of last night’s festivities, Dan and I slept in until the late hour of 8am.  When did I stop being able to sleep in?  I had grand plans today to implement what I learned in yesterday’s Photoshop class.  Look at the difference that one class makes.


After adjustment.

I am so excited about what I can do now with photoshop!

Breakfast was a holiday oat mix.  A splash of eggnog and a scoop of cranberry pomegranate sauce.
food 031
I had a the above clementines (x3?)  Lunch was leftovers from Thursday.  I am so sick of chicken breasts.  We’re going to take an extended break from them!
Dinner was shrimp pot pie.  Since it was 500 calories for a serving, I had half.  It was still a good amount of food.  When I went to photograph dinner I found my camera battery dead!  It takes over an hour for the battery to charge.  I’m so glad I ordered a second battery, now I just have to wait for it to come in on Tuesday.

Well that’s it for me for this weekend.  Back to work tomorrow.  I wish work days would go as quickly as weekend days.  Aside from my technological failures it was a good day.  I realize that the busier I am photoshopping and whatnot, the less I snack.  Seems like a good system, right? 

How do you stay busy and away from snacking?