Holiday eating

Why is it that there is more butter used during the holidays than during the rest of the year combined?  Why does every meal become a landmine?  I’m happy to report that this morning I had cereal and coffee for breakfast.  It was a higher calorie cereal than normal, but it was nice to have a light breakfast again!  This isn’t saying that I haven’t loved every meal we’ve had since coming home.  This is just me being concerned about what the scale will say to me when I get back to Denver.  That is one bonus of not being home.  No scales.  Maybe I’ll get in a few runs before venturing onto the scale.  That would probably be the wisest move!

I still have some days to catch you up on….So lets rewind to Saturday.  I guess this was another small breakfast day.  We didn’t really have one.  My mom and sister ran out early to go shopping.  I find crowds to be painful so my sisters boyfriend, Dan and I stuck around the house.  I skipped breakfast because  I was pretty full from the amazing Christmas eve and Christmas meals and knew that we were going to Primanti Brothers. 
Any Pittsburgher knows about this place, and just recently it was featured on an episode of Man vs.. Food.  They are special because they serve the coleslaw and the fries inside the sandwich. 
We split some cheese fries
The boys each ordered the pastrami sandwich.  My mom, sister and I split the Cheese steak
and the pastrami.
The cheese steak wasn’t all that good, So I gave Dan about half my quarter.  But, this was definitely not a low calorie meal!  Primanti’s is the type of place you have to take visitors since it’s one of the more famous landmarks in my fair city.

After a lunch like this we had leftovers from the Christmas dinner. 001 I must say that the roasted brussels sprouts were much better than the ones Dan and I made a few months ago.  I’ll post the super duper easy recipe when we get back home.

What is your must-do thing in your hometown?