Holiday Cheer

Happy Monday All!  After an extra long day I came home to a lot of holiday cheer, best of all was a super sweet letter from our favorite fluffy sheep, Simone.  Thanks Simone!  And here’s my link to the mushroom pizza just for you(go halfway down it’s between the first two pictures of the pizza).

Breakfast today was my usual but it was not enough for me.  I was hungry before lunch, so when you see my lunch pictures remember that!

So, for my usual breakfast, I had  Mix 1
Some all bran bran buds and Just Pineapple.  Funny story about these, I’m apparently pretty messy when I eat them at my desk and I looked under my desk at one point and thought I saw mouse droppings.  Alas it was just a few bran buds.  oops!
My mid-morning snack was three Clementine's, they are so sweet and delicious.
We went out to lunch today for a coworkers birthday.  This is where things got dicey.  I was super hungry and when I saw Shrimp Po-Boys on the menu, I couldn’t resist.

I also had a few French fries.  Not a great lunch!
Dinner was a pasta and chickpeas concoction.
037_edited-1I added a ton of red pepper flakes for aesthetic beauty.  It was SO SPICY!
But C’mon, isn’t that pretty?

Well, sorry about the late post!

Cooking tip of the day: Don’t eat the skin of the fish, the skin and the fats right under it hold all the mercury.  So be sure to avoid!

Photoshop tip of the day: Use the Photoshop organizer, in Photoshop elements 7 press F11 for full screen.  It’s a fantastic way to see actual pixels and make sure your picture is sharp before you bother with editing.