Happy Anniversary Dan!

One year ago today Dan and I got married!  I can’t believe it has been a year already! 
I guess I should be used to it since we already celebrated with our dinner at Duo and our classes at the Seasoned Chef
We celebrated early so that we wouldn’t interrupt our family time with an anniversary dinner or celebration.
But I can’t let today go without wishing Dan a happy anniversary! 
It’s funny to see how far we’ve come since we met.  We now live half a country away from where we started, Dan is finally fully realizing his dream of being a triathlete and I moved from working on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. to working on Capitol Hill in Denver, Colorado.  Oh the places we go.
We’re starting to plan our schedule for next year and I’m really excited about where that will take us and what is in store for us! 
(All photos were taken by Rachel Naft)