Gnocchi Sauce

I’m quickly remembering that buying a new camera is much more expensive than just the cost of the body and the lens.  There are so many pieces to add! A camera bag(my camera is living in a Coach Purse bag) an extra battery, extra lenses etc etc etc.  Oh boy, what did I get myself into?!  No matter, it is really fun to work on all of this. 

Thank goodness work was slower paced today.  I was feeling off all day and I’m not sure why.  So, instead of going to dinner with coworkers, I’m home relaxing and trying to feel better.  I’m trying to eat not too exciting food since I worry that the upset tummy started with some queso and chips I snagged this morning(not pictured)

Other than the queso, my food was relatively bland and not tummy upsetting.  Breakfast was, of course, a Mix 1.  (I didn’t get to the apple, so that’s still available for tomorrow)
Some amazing grapes.
and, of course, All bran bran buds  and Just Pineapple.
Lunch was leftover turkey tetrazzini
A half of a piece of cake jumped into my mouth during a friends birthday celebration.  It would have been rude not to join in!

I came home to dinner fixed and waiting for me on the counter!  Dan made gnocchi and chicken.

This was my portion (I did not eat the skin of the chicken)
I put it in a bowl, but boy is it hard to cut chicken in a bowl!

I’m off to keep reading my Nikon book and learn about my lovely camera!