Fun with photography

Guess what, I’m  2 pounds down!  This brings my overall total to about 49 pounds(exactly 48.6)!  My year to date loss is 34.6 lbs.  Sweet!  In all the excitement, I forgot my camera today.  But my food was all repeats. Mix 1, All bran bran buds, Just Pineapple, and orange, Turkey Tetrazzini and sweet potatoes.

Guess what, my camera came!

So I am very busy playing with it and testing out the features. 

I decided to line up my cameras in front of Dan’s toys.  The camera on the left is my 35 mm SLR, then there is my Powershot S5IS and then my cheap Lumix.
Here’s the lineup without the Powershot.
I think it’s time to get rid of at least one of these cameras.  Anyone want a 35 mm SLR?  Or a Sony compatible lens?  I haven’t done much with my Nikon, but I’m soo excited.

I was so distracted by my new camera that I forgot to turn on the oven.  Oops.  So this is all I have to show for dinner.  Chicken Pieces with Lime.
(taken with the Nikon)
(taken with the Canon).

I can’t wait till my battery finishes charging so I can take more pictures!