fitted wardrobe

I have this pair of trouser jeans that are just a hair too short.  A friend suggested that the hem was long enough that I could easily get them let down.  Why didn’t I think of that first?  I chewed on that for awhile.  when I first bought the pants they were just a little too snug so I figured that when I lost some weight, the pants would get some length. 
(Just Pineapple, All bran bran buds, and Just Bunches)
Well, I’ve lost the weight, they are getting baggy and the pants are still not the right length.  I also realized that in my mind clothes are temporary.  My entire life I have cycled either up or down between sizes.  This kept my wardrobe pretty small and meant that whenever a button fell off or I’d like them hem lengthened, I didn’t bother.  The clothes wouldn’t fit in a year anyway.  I don’t own any “investment pieces”  sadly enough the longest living items in my closet are my sweatshirts. 
(a yummy red grapefruit)
I am bringing all of this up because it is something I am most looking forward to in that mythical maintenance place.  I want to own nice pieces of clothing and build my wardrobe up each year, not replace items that no longer fit. 
(leftover round tip beef with mushroom ragout)
How about you guys, do you have investment pieces of clothing?  Do you save clothes from each size?
(more round tip beef)
Cooking Tip:
Never fill the blender more than half full of hot liquids.  It could be a painful experiment if you do!
(minted spaghetti squash)
Photoshop Tip:
No matter which photoshop you use, don’t let the preset standards stick around.  You can adjust which tools show up on the right hand side of the workspace.  I have added a histogram, a navigator, layers, color swatches, and undo history.  Which tools do you use?
(a handful or so of rolos throughout the day….Ooops)