Feeling Skinnier?

I have a question for any of you that have gained and lost weight.  Does it feel the same the second time around?  When I lost weight the first time around I felt smaller.  I could see the differences.  This time, not so much.  I feel the same now as I did in January.  Even though I went shopping and bought smaller sizes, even though those clothes feel a bit loose.  I don’t feel any different.  Has this happened to anyone else?

I feel like my motivation can be lacking because I don’t feel different.  Instead of going crazy I stuck to my routine.  Breakfast was the same old food.  A mix 1
Just Pineapple and All bran bran buds
This is where it switched up.  I snacked on some raisins before lunch.
For lunch Andrea and I went to Tokyo Joes for some yummy sushi
food 055
I made the (low sodium) soy sauce and wasabi mixture so spicy I started crying!  Oops.  But it sure did taste good.

Once again I finished with Rollos.
During my afternoon meeting I snacked on an orange.  I saw jealousy in my colleagues eyes.  It was so tasty.
I came home to Dan cooking dinner. Stuffed chicken breast with tomato basil pasta.
food 064
It was a super pretty dish.  Unfortunately the chicken didn’t cook through and was just meh. 
food 067
The pasta was super tasty, and super easy. 
food 069
So I won’t bother you with the chicken recipe but will send the pasta recipe along!
food 065
Oh boy do I have much to share about cooking class!  I need some time to write that post and will update you guys tomorrow!  Needless to say that Dan and I are looking forward to next week!