Droid Toys

I’m in love.  Don’t worry, Dan knows all about it and is impressed too, given some more time I think he’ll be just as smitten as I am.  I was a bit frustrated when I broke my phone earlier this week.  I’ve been waiting for the iphone to come to verizon so I was hoping to hold onto my blackberry until then. 

But then I remembered that my friend had recently gotten and raved about the Droid.  I chatted with her and decided to buy it immediately.  I saw that online you qualify for a new phone every year, and the data plan for the droid was cheaper than that for the blackberry.  I was sold.

I have found new reasons to love the droid every day. 024_edited-1 I can listen to streaming radio or pandora, there are tons of games and it is easy to read my google reader.
It also has a 5 megapixel camera, I can blog, I can edit photos, I can track calories, I can even scan business cards
See that runner app on the second row on the left?  Well, I tried that bad boy out today.  It was awesome.  I haven’t really run recently because of the weather and being sick. So today I decided to lace up my running shoes and see where the droid would take me. 

The runner app tracks your location through GPS satellites and tracks distance, pace etc.  For all of you with fancy garmins and whatnot this is not a replacement.  I don’t have anywhere to hold it really so I zip it into the zipper on a vest of mine.  I always wear this vest when running since it fits the ipod, keys and phone.
The pros are:  OMG, I know how far I’ve gone partway through a run(the pace is so slow since I had to stop for a few lights).  It’s easy to track, has a map of my run and charts my speed throughout the run and my altitude.

The cons are:  It’s not convenient to check while working out.  It’s better checked when you are stopped.  There is also no convenient carrying case (that I’ve found yet).

Overall, I love it.  This app is just one of many reasons I think the droid is amazing.  As I find more related apps I’ll share them with you all.

Note:  I have not received anything from verizon for this review.  I just love the droid!

Also, note that I ran 2.33 miles.  I’m working my way back up for Simone’s and my first annual Fat Buster 5k!

How do you track your workouts?