clothing victory

So, I’ve been wearing the wrong prescription in one of my eyes!  I was using the prescription from two times ago.  No wonder I had issues!  I’m even testing out a new type of contact.  So far  I’m loving the new prescription!  I also got new glasses, is anyone else nervous about buying new frames?  I worry about picking a bad pair, but my current pair is so scratched I couldn’t avoid it.

After the eye doctor I popped over to Old Navy to check out the deals and get some new tops.  I automatically picked up the size I used to wear and the size below.  THEY WERE TOO BIG!  Can you believe it! (and don’t feel the need to tell me that Old Navy cuts their clothes big, I know it and accept it)  Then I grabbed some of the Dreamer jeans (only $19, I couldn’t resist) and the smaller size fit! And is a little big in certain areas, so I may be headed down to another size in not too long.  Best yet, everything was super cheap.  Dan’s gift for me is new clothes, so I decided to get some now and some in 15 pounds.  Yay!

I was so excited about my purchases that I forgot to take pictures at lunch.  Good thing that lunch today was identical to lunch yesterday!(well the lunch I photographed but didn’t eat)

Leftover chicken breast from the Roast Chicken.
I also had the final bites of mashed potato casserole.
I also had some tasty grapes.  I love it when they are super firm.  Yum.
Then Dan and I went on a shopping adventure.  I finished up his Christmas gift with a new winter coat.  Then we dodged people at Target.  Boy is it crowded on a Saturday afternoon.  I was STARVING when we got home, so I had some of this.
I then set to work on an experiment(to be reported on tomorrow).  Then my camera battery died.  I’m trying to be a real good camera owner so despite the photographing opportunities that laid ahead, I charged the battery.  I lent out my old canon, so I only had my panasonic to take pictures of the deliciousness that laid ahead.  Dan made spaghetti squash and shrimp. 

This was his first time eating spaghetti squash. 
He was so excited about how much it actually looked like spaghetti!  It’s fun to explore foods with him.
Do you see a difference in the clarity of the panasonic and the Nikon?But boy did I get full after dinner!  I still had to finish my experiment and taste it!

And tomorrow I’m off for my work trip.  I’ll show you my experiment in the morning and will have a late late post tomorrow night!  I have a feeling that I won’t take pictures.  Not the right place or time.  Sorry guys!