Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas!  Christmas eve morning was nice and slow.  I started out with the grapefruit I was supposed to eat on Tuesday.


I also brought with me some Starbucks Via.  It was pretty strong, but tasty.  Dan’s mom gave me Dan’s high school graduation mug.  You can kind of see his name on there, along with quite a few of our friends.


Then Dan’s dad presented us with some homemade raspberry coffee cake.  Dan should definitely get this recipe and make it at home.  Yum!


Dinner started at 2 with appetizers.  We had the usual spread.  A large bowl of shrimp cocktail.  Since they are a family of four boys, this was pretty much demolished by dinner time.


Cheese and crackers


celery with cumin or cayenne.


And some antipasto.


After appetizers we moved into the dinning room for dinner.  Dan’s mom and I set up the table, doesn’t it look festive?


Dinner was also the traditional roast beast, potatoes, broccoli and mushrooms.


Dan’s dad is such a great chef.  I definitely know where Dan gets his skill from.


For dessert I had a scoop of ice cream and a slice of tollhouse pie.  There was also the option of cheesecake.


After dinner we all went to church, it is really hard to sit still and pay attention after such a big meal!  We sat around for awhile after church and had a good time visiting.  We went to bed early to get ready for our 8am Christmas celebration and subsequent drive to Pittsburgh.


Christmas recap coming tomorrow!  What are you Christmas eve traditions?  What is your favorite Christmas food?