Broken phone

My pile of to do’s are piling up!  I use the coffee table to store items that I need to look at or read at night.  It’s  overflowing and I can’t find anywhere to place my computer!  Guess I need to write this blog post! 

Holiday season is in full swing, and one of our contractors sent us a package of Harry & David treats.  Don’t they know that I’m on a diet?  At one point I looked over to the area that it was stored and saw three of my male coworkers sitting around the treats table with large pieces of chocolate fudge on their plates.  They were shooting the breeze and munching away without a care in the world.  A few hours later Andrea and I found ourselves at the treats table and spent a few minutes debating calories and cheating etc. etc.  Isn’t it funny how different people can be?

Breakfast today was a little bit different.  We’re out of Mix 1s, so I had some all bran bran buds, Just Pineapple, 2% milk and Just Bunches-from Honey Bunches of Oats.  Overall it was a very tasty.
Mid-morning snack was three Clementine's.
Lunch was leftover shrimp pot pie.
And of course, some rolos.  And I know you are thinking, didn’t she say she had a Harry and David Treat?  The answer is yes.  I had both.  I split a cookie with Andrea and I had four rolos (hangs head in shame).
While I was walking home I dropped my blackberry and broke it!  The roller popped right out and I lost the piece that held it in.  Guess I need to get a new toy.  I have the best husband ever since he’s probably going to give me his new every two so I can get another phone.  Isn’t he fantastic :)

Dan did his cooking class homework for dinner and made Round-Tip Beef with Ragout.
It turned out fantastic!  Best husband ever!

Cooking Tip of the Day:
When you are boiling water at altitude it is impacted at the rate of 2 degrees for every 1,000 feet.  At 5,000 feet water boils at 10 degrees colder than at sea level.
Photoshop Tip of the Day:
Want an easy way to correct the white balance?  Use the camera raw function, take the eyedropper and click on something you know is pure white.  The white balance will automatically change.

Sorry for the late post again, I had to work late today :(