when it rains…

Since last weekends restaurant marathon Dan and I pledged not to eat out.  FAIL!  First it was snooze yesterday, and then I met a friend at Panera for lunch today and then went to Mexican for dinner.  Ooops.  Oh yeah my coworkers brought in treats too.  Crap.  And just as the scale shows me a good number!  Why does this always happen?  Why can’t I take a good scale morning as a reason to eat well? Not as a reason to go wild?


Breakfast was on plan  All bran bran buds and Just Pineapple.


And a piece of pumpkin bread. I was battling a splitting headache all day.  It totally sucked!IMG_1247

At panera I had my usual

IMG_1256 IMG_1254

I ate my grapefruit after lunch to try to keep me from snacking on the treats.



It still didn’t stop THREE of these sea salt caramels from jumping into my mouth.


They were homemade and fantastic.  I also may have had some fudge and part of a cupcake (told you it was a bad day!)  I totally forgot to take pics at the mexican restaurant because it was so dark and frankly, a few margarita’s in I wasn’t thinking about photography.  Oops!


Well that’s it for this super late super lame post.  I’ll be better tomorrow!