A view from the top

IMG_1527 Now for a recap from Saturday!  Jody and I had a great time being tourists around Denver.  We started the day with a drive up Lookout Mountain.  Dan and his teammates ride up this mountain for practice.  Yikes! I was nervous driving up in my car! 


It was fun to see how excited she was to be up close and personal to mountains!  Look at how smoggy it is over Denver!  Do I breathe that in all day?


Jody always makes friends wherever she goes, and this trip was no different.

IMG_1555 It was a perfect day to be out, beautiful snow on the ground and it felt like it was 60 degrees!


We headed straight to the Coors factory when we got back down the mountain.


The Coors Brewery has free tours daily (only one per day though!)  The tour includes a view inside the actual brewery.


A free taste of Coors (did you actually know it is called Coors Banquet) or Coors Light.

IMG_1581 At the end of the tour, everyone over 21 gets three free beers.  We only had two since we had to get Jody to the airport :(


They tried to sell us this picture for $20.  Ouch!  Too rich for my blood!  It was a nice pic. so we took pictures of it. 


It’s so fun to be a tourist in my own town.  Now Jody is gone. Boo.  Hope you come back soon Jody!