Things I can’t live without: Roomba!

I have another item I want to rave about to all of you.  This one isn’t food or photography related at all.  It’s our robotic vacuum!

Before the roomba I had a hand-me-down vacuum that was actually my sister’s sister-in-law’s vacuum.  It was one of those vacuums that you wear over your shoulder.  It was a fantastic vacuum but the electrical cord was fraying so it was time to get a new one!  And thanks to my old boss Ann and my coworkers, we got it as a going away/wedding gift from my last job.

It even goes from linoleum to carpet with ease!  The best part of the roomba is that it takes one of our least favorite activities and makes it easy!  We just set the roomba off and he cleans the room. 
I love how freshly vacuumed carpet feels.  I especially love it when I can work out or blog or do anything while I vacuum.  The roomba is actually almost like our pet, always underfoot, running into walls, getting stuck on or under things and needing help.  We do have to clean the brushes after a few uses but overall it’s so easy and we vacuum more than ever!

In an unrelated note, I know I raved about my camera and tripod last week, but I’m thinking about a dSLR.  I’m going to wait until after my photography class next week and see if I’m using mine wrong and if I can do more with what I have or if I’ve reached the limit of my camera.  and yes, I love toys and new equipment.  I really want to research this so I don’t jump into any decision too fast!

So tell me all you dSLR owners, what do you have and why do you like it?