Things I can’t live without: My Camera

Rebecca asked me yesterday what camera and tripod I use so I thought I’d show you!

I’ve had my camera for a few years now and it is a CanonPowershot S5 IS.  It has 8 megapixels, a 12x zoom and a super micro function.  Even though it is not a dSLR I do have the option to pick Aperture priority and shutter speed priority.  I can even manually adjust the focus.  Although, not in the same way as a dSLR would.
This camera has treated me pretty well over the years, however I’m still wanting more.  I own a 35 mm SLR and had a lot of fun using the functions so I know that I’m held back by the lack of control on this camera.  I want to get a dSLR, but I need to master the use of this camera first.  Plus, my old SLR was so heavy I didn’t want to take it places.  So, if I get a new camera I have to be able to take it with me without trouble…

I’m excited about my tripod because of all of the different options I have with it.  The head is really flexible so I can get any camera angle from it.  The legs are easily adjustable so I can go between different heights without a problem. 
Another bonus was that the tripod was on the lower end of the price range (I’ve seen tripods starting at 12 and going all the way to over 300).  I was eyeing the $12 tripod but found out that it would not be strong enough to hold my camera.  I suggest if you go to get a tripod bring your camera so the salesperson can help you get the right one.  I can’t imagine the pain of seeing my camera toppling over the tripod to its’ death!
There is also a level on the head and the base of the tripod.  Of course most of my pictures are at angles so this doesn’t apply so much to me.
It also came with a carrying case and isn’t too heavy so we’ll see if I take it to races in the future.  I doubt it though, there usually isn’t enough room.  A great feature is the quick release and quick connect.
I keep the connector on my camera and it just clicks in and out. Easy as pie!  Here is my picture set up(without the camera attached.)
IMG_0877 You may recognize this as my elliptical station as well!  In a one bedroom apartment everything has to have two uses!  This area is great because it is right next to the window and gets light from some internal lights as well.  I am building up my collection of white plates since they seem to make food look prettier than my blue plates.  Sad that I had to realize this AFTER I registered for a complete set of blue dishes.  You live and you learn.

Does anyone have a camera or other photography related equipment that they want to recommend?