Thanksgiving Day recap

Since Today’s food is mostly repeats from yesterday let me go through yesterday with all of it’s glory. 

Pre-race food included three pieces of cinnamon raisin bread.IMG_1819 copy
After the race I finished a Power Bar Pria Bar (unpictured) and went to starbucks to get myself a treat.  However, when I got there I settled on an iced grande non-fat latte. 

Our friends came over around one and boy was I glad I didn’t eat anything else!  We started with some brie and some laughing cow on carr’s water crackers.
After all the food was finished cooking we moved into the “dining room”
yes, those are bikes in our dining room.  The curse of living with an athlete…
I know that yesterday I showed you the overview of the spread.  Today I’ll show you the details.

I’ll start with what Annissa and Mike brought.  First up: cardamom sweet potatoes.

Next we had some dressing (or stuffing, but we didn’t stuff the bird)IMG_1896

Annissa also brought spinach pie.  Can you tell what the shape in the middle is?
here’s a closer look
It’s a turkey!  How cute!  They also brought dessert, but I’ll show that later.

Dan and I were able to premake some of our dishes, but this entire dinner was made from scratch.  First we made some Garlic Rosemary rolls.
I love how great they came out.  Cooking Light gave me step by step instructions to make them look this good, and I’ll share them with you! Later.

For a vegetable we had Lemony Green Beans.  They are always so tasty!

We also made orange cranberry sauce.

For the piece de resistance, Dan made Garlic Rosemary turkey.  It was Dan’s first attempt at making a turkey and I believe it was very successful!IMG_1864
Isn’t it pretty!

Annissa made a fantastic pumpkin pie for dessert.  She made the crust from scratch and decorated the top with leaves!
And that is all she wrote. About yesterday.  We decided a few weeks ago that black Friday will be our day to do nothing (no training for Dan!) and be together.  Unfortunately, I spent most of the day feeling sick and hoping to get better!

It’s a Powell family tradition to eat pie the next morning for breakfast, but since we didn’t keep any pie as leftovers (that was my healthy action for yesterday, you can’t eat what you don’t have!) I decided to make some greek yogurt with orange cranberry sauce, chia seeds and All Bran Bran Buds.  Yum!IMG_1918
Lunch was also a little bit of everything.(that’s on our small plate)

Thanksgiving dinner was just as good the second time around!  So, this is where I shall end today’s post.  It is getting too long!  Dinner will be posted tomorrow (if it isn’t a repeat of lunch!)

What are your black Friday traditions? Did anyone brave the lines at stores?