sushi food

Do you ever have a day when for all intents and purposes you should be productive and you can’t be?  After a really long week and a fun but packed day yesterday I should be productive today.  I have not been. At All.  Oops.  I’ll upload some pictures from our adventures tomorrow!


Breakfast was eaten in bed.  I combined some Oikos, blackberries and Kashi granola.


I also had some coffee with a splash of eggnog.


I also had a honeycrisp apple.


Lunch was a little bit of pasta. 


For some reason, after lunch I was STARVING.  Thus ensued hurricane Beth, going through the cupboards until I found something satisfying but not guilt inducing.  I had some peas, half a lean cuisine and some popcorn.  I’m trying out some new popcorn recipes so I played around with some spices.  Today’s mix included some onion powder, garlic powder and season salt.  I’m trying to replicate chex mix.  Not awesome, I will have to try again. 


For dinner I had some sushi.  I’ve been craving it for awhile. 


Unfortunately,this wasn’t the best ever.  Oh well.


I didn’t get nearly enough done today but Dan and I had a nice day together.


What have you been craving?  Was it satisfying when you had it?