the snowy day

Recently I’ve been pretty stressed out and this stress has led me to eating more than I should.  As a result I have been emotional eating.  I haven’t been going crazy, I just haven’t been controlled and measured like I’m used to.    I’ve managed to keep it under control but I really need to work on a way to break the cycle.   So I ask, all of you success stories out there.  How do you respond to triggers?  How have you beaten the stress?

Today has been a really fun snow day.  I’ve gotten all caught up with a few things.  I also hopped onto the elliptical for a bit since I couldn’t work out outside.

Lunch was a bit odd since it was so late.  The Egg nog oats really held me for awhile.  I wasn’t really feeling too hungry so when Dan made lunch he made a little extra for me.
Dinner was leftover mushroom risotto and salt & pepper chicken 

Almost time to watch The Amazing Race!  Does anyone else love this show?