Almost every time we went to see the Clot Doctor I would pass by this cute restaurant with an even cuter name.  Snooze.  Of course, since it’s an “a.m. eatery” it was never open when we’d go past. 

My friend Andrea and I have been talking about going for awhile but since the weekend lines are insane we decided to go on Veteran’s Day.  It was a great idea because when we got there we got seated immediately.  The ambiance was really fun and the wait staff was awesome and fun.IMG_1217

Andrea and I had already made a plan for what to eat, but it was totally ruined when we looked at the amazing options on the menu that weren’t available online!

How to choose….How to choose…We decided to split three pancakes and I ordered The Great Pumpkin Toast.  (I devoured the bacon but only ate half of the French toast)
The Pancakes we chose were the Pineapples Upside Down Cake,
The Sweet Potato Pancake
and the cinnamon roll pancake.
Yum!  I had about a quarter of each.  This way I got to taste a ton but hopefully not eat too many calories.  It was such a fun restaurant and I love all the inventive types of pancakes.  I’ll have to bring Dan sometime to try some other types of pancakes :)
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What’s your favorite/craziest pancake flavor?