snack machines

Today at 2 pm I had finished my lunch and was still hungry.  I was out of food.  I did the walk of shame. to the vending machine.  I stood at the vending machine trying to decide what wouldn’t bust my daily calorie budget.  As I was leaving someone else walked into the room and looked startled to see me and immediately put on the face of shame. 

I usually have food in my drawer for these times but today I didn’t.  All my drawers are packed up for a move later this week and I was out of luck.

What did I select at the vending machine?  Cheez-its.  2 ounces of cheez-its is 280 calories! OMG.  Isn’t it crazy.  So not worth it.

Breakfast was a mix 1
all bran bran buds with Just Pineapple
At lunchtime I had a mediocre orange.
For lunch I had leftover salt and pepper chicken (isn’t it totally ugly! It tasted good though)
and for dessert I had a peppermint bark dove chocolate.
After work my friend Andrea and I went out for drinks and apps.  The bruschetta was amazing.  They were gorgonzola with honey, olive bread with pear and parmesan, traditional bruschetta and brie with tomato and basil.  Delicious!
IMG_1425 copy
Dinner was a chicken thigh, tons of cauliflower and mashed potatoes.
Overall a good day, but what day isn’t with wine with friends!

What do you eat when you venture to a vending machine?