Scale Review

A few weeks ago I won my first blog contest!  My prize was an Eat Smart Scale which I did receive promptly, I just wanted to use it for awhile before writing my review.


We didn’t really NEED a new bathroom scale, but I’m always up for trying a new one.  In fact, having a new scale isn’t new to us, we have had two scales almost the entire time we’ve lived together.  The first time we had two scales it was because we combined households, then we had two because we decided one was broken and wanted to compare.  Now we have two because I like this one and Dan likes our old one.


This scale is so much thinner than our old scale and when you step on it is kind of like the biggest loser with the numbers jumping around until it comes to a conclusion and blinks the final answer.


Strangely enough, this scale weighs Dan over a pound lighter!  For me the difference between the two scales is much less.  However, each time that I step on the scale it will give me a different answer depending on how I stand.  But it weighs me lighter so I love it!


I’ve been through enough scales to know that they all have their quirks and that I can manipulate the answer it gives me, just by how I stand.  I can lean forward or back or hold my arms in a certain way to make the scale measure you lower.  It’s a terrible habit, but I am so guilty of this.  On this scale, lean forward for the lowest weight!


Tell me honestly, do any of you play games on the scale?