red cups!

Thanks for all the great comments about your dream job!  I love it that so many of you are thinking about pursuing your dreams!  Yay!  Speaking of things to look forward to, every year the Starbucks red Christmas cup rings in the holiday season.  I saw them first on Monday but had a chance to finally get my very own.
 IMG_1018 It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!  Or Thanksgiving, or actually early fall.  But hey, grocery stores have had Christmas stuff out for months, so Starbucks is actually behind the curve!  So tell me, what’s your favorite season?

My work food today was boring.  Oh well, not every meal is exciting.
IMG_1017 IMG_1015 IMG_1013

IMG_1014 IMG_1016
I’m sure you all know what these foods are.   yawn.  Dinner was more of the same.  Another artichoke. Dan also made some grilled cheese on Sandwich thins.  To lower the calories we used Arnold’s Sandwich Thins and 1.6 ounces of cheese split between the two sandwiches. Mmmmm tasty and not to high calorie!
IMG_1025 copy

I spent some time on the elliptical after I got home but it’s so hard to workout after work.  I’m ready for dinner so I’m hungry, but I feel like it’s silly to have a snack when I’m just going to have dinner, but I don’t want to wait until after dinner because then I’ll be digesting….I think I make this harder than I need to!