rainy weather

Not much to say tonight.  I made a mistake and had a piece of cake at work and so I wasn’t hungry for dinner.  Ooops!

I did hear a call for some more info on my bran buds so I’ll do that later!  Here’s a picture of them with the Just Pineapple
I also had a piece of pumpkin bread, and yes. I do love this pumpkin bread.  It’s so tasty!  I get really obsessed with seasonal flavors.  I’ll get over it soon enough.
For lunch I have leftover chicken parmesan from the night of no dinner pictures.
I had a grapefruit.
And two dark chocolates(the third one disappeared)
I didn’t take pics of the cake since I was with coworkers.  I’m not hungry for dinner so I won’t push it.  Instead I’m enjoying wine and some crappy tv. 

Happy Friday ya’ll!