Post-holiday thoughts

Does anyone else wonder if the post holiday weight gain is not because of the holiday itself, but because of the leftovers?  There was a moment last night when Dan looked at me and said that he wished we would have kept some of the pumpkin pie from Thanksgiving.  It was then that we really appreciated the fact that we didn’t keep the pie.

We really can’t gain five pounds in one day, it’s all the ‘well, it’s a holiday’ talk around the holiday.  My goal this year is to let myself enjoy celebratory meals but not to get the starbucks eggnog latte because ‘it’s a holiday’ and not to overindulge on office snacks or at holiday parties.  I will beat the holidays if non-holiday days are just that.  Normal days.  I’ve been bad this weekend with tracking my food but I have avoided having tempting food in the house so I think I’ve been pretty good.

After a fitful night of sleep all I wanted this morning was cheerios(and a little granola).  Like I said yesterday, it’s a family tradition to eat pie after thanksgiving.  My last two breakfasts were a HUGE improvement over that!

So, I’m thinking of taking advantage of sales and getting a new camera today!  I hope the crowds aren’t too bad.  Well, I might chicken out and shop online!

What are the best deals out there?