odds and ends

This weekend is my last free weekend until Christmas, so I’ve been trying to get things crossed off the list.  First up, Christmas shopping!  It’s so hard to find gifts that people actually want!

Second up, was setting up the Christmas tree.  My parents are probably both aghast that I would set up the tree in November.  But since we leave before Christmas, I figure it wouldn’t be worth it to put up if we didn’t do it early!  It’s a tiny tree and looks a little bare without anything under it or a skirt or anything.  But this works for now.
IMG_1973 So, the rest of today will be spent trying to find the perfect gifts.  If you have any ideas for perfect gifts let me know!

In other news, recently I’ve been trying to improve my food photography.  One thing I’ve been doing is looking for inspiration across the blogosphere and a few weeks ago I stumbled across a new site call Refrigerator Soup.  Unlike the other food sites, this one only posts about 40 photos a day so each photo that gets accepted gets a lot of exposure.  Other sites post a hundred or so a day so this is really nice.  I highly recommend checking it out and submitting your photos to it too.  It’s a great way to share your photos and recipes with others and I won’t lie that it does a great job driving up the viewership of my blog.
(disclaimer: This review was sponsored by Refrigerator Soup, but I wouldn’t bring it to you if I didn’t love what the site has done for me!)

And I’ve been saving the best for last…I hopped on the scale this morning and found out that I weigh less today than I did on Wednesday.  Yup, I LOST weight over ThanksgivingHow did you guys do?

What is your favorite food photography website?  And PLEASE send me ideas for great Christmas gifts?!