new clothing

This week I’ve worn two pairs of pants that I haven’t worn in over a year.  One pair hasn’t fit in a year and a half.  I have another pair that is SO CLOSE! I’m so excited to fit into those since my options are dwindling!  I have had to retire a few pairs of pants because they are too big.  What a fantastic problem to have!

This morning my Eat Smart scale showed me down another two pounds!  What a great way to start a crazy day.  Work was go go go and I did pretty well avoiding snacks at meetings.  Although, I did NOT do well with the bag of jelly bellies on a coworkers desk!

Breakfast was a quick drink of Mix 1
Lunch was a mini PB&J and some grapes (not pictured).  Dinner was leftover pecan crusted trout and some peas!
Tonight is my Friday night!  I’m off to catch up on TV and clean before Jody comes to visit tomorrow!  My other goal is to not ruin the fact that I lost weight this morning.  No snacking for me!