Just Pineapple

You’ve seen it day after day and after my mom asked me what the heck I was eating, I thought I’d show you all what Just Pineapple is!


My bran buds are pretty boring to eat alone.  This is why I’ve sought out some dried fruit to accompany.  However, when I was hunting for dried fruit I kept seeing brands with tons of additives and extra sugar.  This is why I’ve settled on the Just Tomatoes brand.  I’ve decided that Just Pineapple is my favorite (this month) of the different options they have.    IMG_1174


Other flavors include blueberry, mixed berry and the vegetable options that started it all. (which I haven’t tried yet)


While a serving of these is 100 calories, I often eat .2oz in a sitting.  I think if I ate an entire serving this would get to be an expensive habit!


It definitely adds a nice crunch and flavor to the all bran bran buds without many calories.  I find it at Sunflower Farmer’s Market here in Denver and I think they are also available at Whole Foods. 


I highly recommend these tasty treats!


(p.s. aren’t the pineapple drawings cute?!)