How to Open a Pomegranate

Pomegranates have really only come into vogue in the past year or so but my family has been eating them for decades.  Our holiday meals always included a salad with Pomegranate seed toppers.


Growing up we never quite new how to open these and it was always a struggle to get the Pom seeds out. I was glad to see that the POM website gives great instructions on how to open a Pomegranate.  So I thought I’d share a step by step photo essay with all of you.


Step one: Start with a Pom.



Step two: Cut the top off the Pom



Step three: Quarter the Pom



Step four:  Place Pom into water to pull out the seeds



Step five: Remove seeds from the water.



Pom seeds are great alone or in a recipe.  The night I used it recently I put some on brie cheese and baked it in puff pastry.  It needed a little more something.


What is your favorite Pom recipe?  Post a link and share with all of us!