Good Service

I ventured out into the shopping malls today!  There were almost no crowds, which was nice, but there was terrible service.  I got ignored and passed over in each store. 

I’ve been hunting for good prices all day and so I had an idea that I would buy the camera on the internet, I just wanted to see what they were like in person first.  Usually when this happens and I get really good service I pay the little extra and buy it in the store.  However, the terrible service today convinced me to go home and buy at the lowest price.

And I did it!  I’ve been thinking about this purchase for a long time, I’ve saved and researched and finally made the big decision.  I will show you all what I got when it arrives (predicted to be Dec. 2).

For some reason my stomach has been feeling off all day.  After breakfast I wasn’t really hungry so I just had some airpopped popcorn. 

Dinner however, was a treat.  Dan made turkey tetrazzini with the leftover turkey from Thanksgiving!  I’m always so proud when we finish up our leftovers and put them to good use.
How did you use your Thanksgiving leftovers? Do you punish bad customer service?