full fat

I got on the scale this morning.  Only one scale though, and I didn’t get on it last night.  I think I’m addicted. 

A few nights ago, we bought half and half for a recipe.  We accidentally bought fat free half and half.  At first I thought this was a good thing.  Then Dan told me about the ingredients:
I guess the concept of fat free half and half means that some funny business has to happen.  This is compared to the ingredients in full fat half and half.
All of that for 20 calories and 3.5g of fat.  I know that I’m buying full fat half and half from now on.  What a surprise.  I did start my day with some fat free half and half in my coffee.  I also had a piece of pumpkin bread.
and some all bran bran buds with Just Pineapple.
I had another grapefruit today.  It definitely squelches munchies.  This was much needed distraction from the cinnamon buns my coworker brought in for another coworkers birthday. (And yes, I completely avoided the cinnamon buns!  not even a taste!  I did stare at them for a minute or two).
Lunch was another piece of pizza.  The crust was meh but the mushrooms were tasty.
Dinner was pork tenderloin with mushroom bulgur risotto.IMG_1212
I’m going out tomorrow morning for pancakes! Can’t wait!