full belly

Oh Boy-oboy-oboy.  I’m full! I went to breakfast with Andrea this morning and I’m still not hungry for dinner (it’s almost 7pm).  Breakfast included some of this:IMG_1223
and some of this:
I didn’t finish anything. But I tasted everything!  Lunch was two honeycrisp apples. mmmmm. 

I had a hair cut this afternoon and chopped 4-5 inches!  OMG!  My hair is still a bit longer than my shoulders, boy it was long.  There is this great salon near my house that has new talent from a nearby Aveda school that only charges $16-22 for a hair cut!  Sweet!  My hair is so light and it’s not getting caught on everything.  Sweet! 

After my hair cut I stopped by King Soopers to cash in a coupon for a free 16 oz. Oikos yogurt.  I also picked up some slow churned eggnog ice cream.  I just HAD to try some right
Dinner was a bit late tonight which was fine because I had my sweet treat while Dan was on his run.  Dan made some Herbed Chicken Parmesan.  It took him awhile, but it was pretty tasty!  We’re still waiting on our broccoli to finish cooking so you’ll have to wait for me to post the lemony broccoli recipe in the future!
Happy Veteran’s Day!