Food experiments

Dan and I have been having some fun in the kitchen! 

Yesterday’s experiment included some pomegranate.IMG_1717
That looked like this at the end…IMG_1723
Today’s experiments looked like this…
and this
It’s so fun to test out new recipes and I’ll let you know what they are when we perfect them!

The rest of my food was pretty normal.  Sort of.  I went to breakfast at starbucks.  I love that I can get a healthy breakfast at a convenience restaurant.
Of course I included my all bran bran buds and Just Pineapple
Look at all that tasty goodness!
It was a fantastic way to start the day!  Lunch was mushroom pizza and dove dark chocolates (not pictured)

Dinner was two of the experiments above and our first attempt at Brussels sprouts.
I’m not as much of a fan of the onion, but the sprouts were pretty good!

It’s really fun to try new things out and flex our creative muscles! 

What is your most successful kitchen experiment?!