Exercise nutrition

Once again I laced up my saucony’s and hit the pavement.  My recent urge to run was started at a nutrition speech that Dan gave to a running team last weekend.  He discussed the importance of eating protein after a workout.  Now, these people were about to run 10 plus miles.
What about shorter workouts?  I increased my mileage yesterday to 2.4 miles (at about 14 minute miles-slow, yes. running the whole time, heck ya!).  There is still a ton of ice on the sidewalks so I was staying very aware of my surroundings.
Upon my return home I wasn’t hungry at all.  And so I was wondering.  Do I need to eat?  I have the habit of eating back the calories I burn after work outs and so I want to avoid that.  Since I wasn’t hungry, I didn’t eat.  I am drinking water.  But that’s it for now.  I think I’m going to keep listening to what my body wants.  But I’m curious what you guys do (and keep losing weight!  I always gained when I workout hard because I ate too much!)
How do you eat after a workout?  What’s the threshold for a post workout snack?  Do you have to feel hungry?  Do you always grab a handful of trail mix?  I’m so curious about what you guys are doing. 

(today’s pictures are random food shots from the week.  Just to keep things interesting)